Who are we

Saludcentro is a wholesale company dedicated to the wholesale distribution of furniture and appliances of hairdressing and beauty based in the year 2003. The eagerness of this creation was reaching the dealer offering articles of high quality, low cost, reaching a positioning in the area hard to match. In the actually, we are competing in prices both within Spain and abroad.

Continue maintain the Price competition is one of our main objetives and, for this reason, we design and manufacture some of our articles.

Our current challenge is to achieve greater diversification, why not stop for innovation in the creation of our articles and to expand into new geographic areas, to continue creating a project for the future with a powerful image of corporate branding.

Year after year, we strive to expand our catalog and give the best service to our customers, trying to have available the stock that they need. This confirms us in the market as a leading company in both furniture and appliances in hairdressing as aesthetics.